November 4, 2018 Dear Friends… In two days, we will exercise our first right of freedom. Five days later, we may honor the men and women who made this freedom possible…veterans who served in the United States Armed Services. November 11 this year marks the 100th anniversary of the Armistice with Germany to end “the […]

Water Campus

October 28, 2018 Dear Friends… Several citizens have shared concerns whether Scottsdale has addressed its water needs responsibly. I reassure them, thanks to visions more than 30 years ago, The City of Scottsdale is at the forefront of water reuse and considered one of the leaders in the industry not only nationally but around the […]


October 21, 2018 Dear Friends… I am pleased my Council campaign has received the endorsement of several groups and individuals in recognition of the work I have done on Council for the past four years. Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona (PFFA) The endorsement of the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona specifically recognized the value of […]

Analysis of PROP 420

October 14, 2018 Dear Friends…   Proposition 420 on this November’s ballot has far reaching implications demanding every voter’s most careful consideration. I’ll offer my thoughts, directed to the proposition’s purpose, process and principles of governance.   Regarding the purpose of PROP 420:   When you read a sign that says “PROTECT OUR PRESERVE” it […]


October 7, 2018 Dear Friends… Scottsdale is a beautiful place for us to live, for tourists to visit and for businesses to prosper. This didn’t happen by accident. We were fortunate we have had leaders of vision who foresaw possibilities of greatness. In the 2108 Candidate Information Pamphlet, I reminded voters: “The entire city of […]

Letter to Gary

September 30, 2018 Dear Friends… There’s an old saying, “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but not their own set of facts.” I was reminded of this when I received a comment recently from a fellow citizen named Gary. He said: With all due respect, investing in infrastructure has taken a back seat to shiny […]

Working For Citizens

September 23, 2018 Dear Friends… Some of you may have heard me ask applicants before Council, “What does it do for the Citizens of Scottsdale?” I didn’t just dream up this question as a campaign slogan. It’s what every Councilmember is supposed to ask every applicant. Frequently I will pull from our “Consent Agenda” an […]

PROP 420

Dear Friends…   In November, voters will consider Prop 420 as an amendment to our city Charter.  I urge each of you to study the issues involved.  They are far more complicated than a three-word sound bite on a road sign!  Even road sign messaging has been slanted by the unauthorized removal of many signs […]


Dear Friends…   Scottsdale citizens deserve special recognition as a community of caring individuals who give their time generously to a variety of worthy causes. In fact, as citizens give voice to their individual passions through volunteerism, their collective passions often define the priorities of our community.   I was reminded of community volunteerism when […]

Losing Our Shine

Dear Friends…   A few days ago, the Scottsdale insert in the Arizona Republic carried a story about a hidden threat to tourism.  From the headline, though, many readers didn’t make the connection.  In fact, the story was about bridges in Scottsdale needing emergency repairs or replacement after inspectors found missing concrete, exposed rebar and other […]

Navajo School

Dear Friends…   As a member of Scottsdale City government we care about all our citizens – even our youngest, still attending local schools.  That’s why I’m sharing this story…   In the early morning hours last Wednesday, a fire was discovered in a storage room at Navajo Elementary School on Granite Reef and Camelback […]

Taller Buildings

Dear Friends…   I’m frequently asked my thoughts about high-rise buildings – usually apartments – springing up in Scottsdale.  I often make the observation taller, denser housing projects are actually the fulfillment of a vision – it’s just not a vision shared by many Scottsdale citizens!   Some defend the vision, arguing these apartments provide […]

Water Airport

Dear Friends…   You may not know your City government proudly operates two businesses of national renown: our Scottsdale Water and Scottsdale Airport “enterprises”…and neither of them require taxpayer funding!   Brian Biesemeyer, Director of Scottsdale Water, and his 215 employees manage a business with revenues of more than $150 million.  Their goal is to […]


Dear Friends…   Most of us are too busy to spend much time studying political issues or trying to understand candidate positions.  It doesn’t mean we don’t care: there’s just a lot of information to absorb.  Sometimes, we ask a trusted friend, “Who should I vote for?”, presuming they have studied the issues more than […]

Year End Report

Dear Friends…   Scottsdale’s fiscal year ended June 30, so it seems timely to prepare a report card for the Council decisions that will affect you and your city’s livability.   Council adopted a Balanced Budget for next year…that’s good!  Unfortunately, the Budget isn’t sustainable and hasn’t been for several years.  That’s because the money […]

Visual Clutter

Dear Friends…   Prepare to have your vision impaired by politics on June 29!  That’s the day when candidates will begin to place campaign signs in public rights-of-way.  These will not be like signs supporters put in their front yard or window to declare their support for a candidate; they will be signs put up […]

That Hot

Dear Friends…   The beginning of June marks the changing of seasons in Scottsdale!   The signs are everywhere…fewer cars on the road, reservations at favorite restaurants become easier and resorts begin advertising bargain rates for staycations. In the summertime, once we’ve gathered the bounty from our winter visitors, we have the city virtually to ourselves. […]

Memorial Day

Dear Friends…   Every time to go to City Hall, I pass within a few steps of “The Chaplain”…a bronze statue behind City Hall by Austin Deuel.  The statue will take on special significance tomorrow morning, serving as the backdrop for a brief memorial service to remember those who died while serving in the country’s […]

Hall of Fame

Dear Friends…   If you love Scottsdale, there’s someone you should thank. In fact, there are several individuals and organizations who have collectively made Scottsdale the special place it is today.  Many of them were together this past Thursday evening for the 25th Scottsdale’s History Hall of Fame celebration dinner.   Starting in 1993, the […]

Play Ball

Dear Friends…   On April 17, the Scottsdale City Council will consider ballot language seeking voter approval for a bond issue of $350 million for capital improvements.  I support the recommendation completely!  I have argued since long before I joined Council, the City is reinvesting too little in our assets.  The financial strategy of the […]