Dear Friends…


I’ve talked before about the importance of volunteers in our city and marveled at the number of different ways our citizens “give back” to Scottsdale.  Each initiative makes our community just a little more livable, and even more special.  Last weekend, several folks volunteered for the Friends of the Scenic Drive Roadside Cleanup sponsored by the Greater Pinnacle Peak Association.


It may not seem like a significant volunteer effort…walking along a stretch of Scottsdale Road, picking up discarded styrofoam cups, plastic water bottles and the myriad collection of other trash motorists discard.  But the collective efforts of volunteers that morning resulted in several bags of trash removed from the scenic corridor.  Our city will be cleaner and more scenic because of it.


Don’t want to get up early and walk along Scottsdale Road next to cars racing north?  There are other ways: let me share just one.  Scottsdale citizens, Philip and Ruth Marsteller, owners of Carvalho’s Brazilian Kitchen, volunteered a free breakfast for all the “trash collectors” that morning.


If you haven’t been to Carvalho’s, you’ve missed one of the finest white-tablecloth dining experiences in north Scottsdale.  Regional Brazilian family recipes are faithfully created and tastefully presented.  Indoor dining rooms and outdoor patios alongside a “babbling brook” offer quiet dining intimacy.  Located in the shopping center at 23623 N. Scottsdale Road, discreetly hidden in suite D7, it’s worth the search for lunch or dinner!


If you had volunteered for cleanup, you might have won the “catch of the day” award, as I did when I found this discarded sweater.


If you visit Carvalho’s in the future, you can rationalize you are “volunteering” to help a volunteer help other volunteers.


Either way, both you and our City win!