October 21, 2018
Dear Friends…
I am pleased my Council campaign has received the endorsement of several groups and individuals in recognition of the work I have done on Council for the past four years.
Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona (PFFA)
The endorsement of the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona specifically recognized the value of my financial credentials by saying, “Councilman Smith’s financial experience in corporate America with the Tennessee Valley Authority and Amtrak gives him the kind of impressive credentials that our organization thinks are essential in setting policies in municipal government.”
I couldn’t ask for an endorsement from a more highly regarded group of 6,000+ citizens in our state. PFFA members statewide do much more than fight fires and answer emergency medical service calls. They offer their time and talents in every community to improve quality of life, particularly for our neediest citizens.
Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS (SAAR)
The endorsement from the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS recognized my experience and dedication to economic development. Specifically, their endorsement considered my work to “…encourage economic vitality and ensure Scottsdale and surrounding communities are places where people want to live, work and play.”
Their announcement explained, “On behalf of the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS and its more than 9,000 members, we appreciate and value your understanding of real estate issues affecting our local communities, both now and in the future…”
Realtors enjoy unique insights into the overall the economic health of our community. They can directly measure the increasing value of real estate and subjectively judge the reasons for its rise and fall. They can judge first-hand the appeal of our city to new arrivals. They are among the first to benefit from the collective prosperity of current citizens “trading up” on their investment in the city.
I am gratified they believe my efforts on Council have contributed to the economic vitality and livability of Scottsdale.

Former Councilmembers and Mayors

Eighteen former members of Council and Mayors have signed on to my campaign with their “enthusiastic endorsement.” Collectively, these men and women gave more than 125 years of service to the city. Over the past several decades, these are the individuals who pursued visions that made Scottsdale the incredible community it is today.
The senior statesman among them, former Mayor Bill Scharader, led the initiative in the early 1960s to expand the footprint of our city by annexing Maricopa County lands to the north. Others worked during their tenure to establish our reputation for Arts & Culture; bring spring training to the city; create the Indian Bend Wash with golf courses and parks; develop the Tournament Players Club to attract what is now the world’s largest PGA tournament; convert a retention basin into the WestWorld entertainment venue; and so much more.
It is particularly gratifying to have the endorsement of these individuals and their “vote of confidence” that I will pursue visions in the future as great as those they had in the past. These individuals know, perhaps better than anyone else, the importance of continually searching for ways to improve our quality of life and our appeal to visitors.
Community and Business Leaders
Community leaders behind my campaign include men and women who continue to contribute to the greatness of Scottsdale. First among them would be my campaign Chairman, Jim Bruner and his wife Sandy. After a lifetime of public service to Scottsdale and Arizona, they now both lend their time and energies to our newest tourism asset, Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West.
Paul Messinger, another life-time contributor to the quality of life in Scottsdale, may have spoken for many community leaders, when he said, “David has demonstrated a keen understanding of City government that has been invaluable in his service to Scottsdale citizens.”
I appreciate endorsements I have received from small business leaders, too numerous to mention individually. As a group, downtown merchants and art galleries are particularly outspoken in their support with dozens of signs in front of their businesses. Richard and Marion Saba, owners of Saba’s Western Wear, not only lend their support, but Marion serves as Co-Chairman of my campaign.
As I said, I am honored all my endorsements recognize the work I have done on Council for the past four years. With your help, I will continue to work with financial integrity, work to improve our quality of life and pursue visions of the future as great as those of the past.

“What can you do to help my campaign?”

  • Forward this email. If you found this newsletter informative, forward it to others with a recommendation they cast one of their three votes for a financial expert on Council.
  • “Advertise” your support. Send me a return email requesting a sign for your front yard (remember, I’ve pledged to citizens not to clutter our public rights-of-way with campaign signs).
  • Make a donation. Mail a check or hit the DONATE button above to use a credit card.
I appreciate your continued interest in following my campaign. There are now only 16 days to election!
David N. Smith
Scottsdale City Councilman
(480) 369-7482

PS: The City Council Candidates’ Forum held October 1 was video recorded. The entire hour-and-a-half forum is broadcast on COX Channel 11 at various times every Friday: 2:00am (for the insomniacs!), 7:00am (for the early risers!), 11:00am, 3:00pm, 6:00pm and 9:00pm.