Envisioning Scottsdale…

Scottsdale is a beautiful place for us to live, for tourists to visit and for businesses to prosper. This didn’t happen by accident; we were fortunate we had leaders of vision who foresaw possibilities of greatness. Citizens of Scottsdale deserve credit for electing individuals who supported and pursued citizen’s visions of the future.


Sixteen of these former leaders – with combined service of almost 100 years! – have now signed on to my campaign as “Enthusiastic Supporters,” believing I can also be a voice of fiscal integrity and vision. So have two former City Managers, Dick Bowers and Roy Pederson.


Jim Bruner (1980-88)

Ron McCullagh (2004-13)

Ross Dean (1988-92)

Ned O’Hearn (2000-04)

Richard Thomas (1992-00)

Charlie Smith (1974-84)

Bill Walton (1984-92)

Don Prior (1994-98)

Roberta Pilcher (2003-04)

Wayne Ecton (2002-11)

Hon. Sam Campana (1986-00)

Diane Cusack (1978-86)

Myron Deibel (1986-90)

Richard Campana (1970-80)

René Wendell (1984-88)

Tom Silverman (2000-04)

The accumulated wisdom, fiscal integrity and collective vision of these former leaders fostered many of the initiatives that comprise the character and distinctive assets of the city we proudly call home today. Visions like theirs are the legacy we must build on for the future!


  • Vision created the TPC Golf Course as a venue to host the world’s largest PGA tournament.
  • Vision foresaw the value of protectingour natural environment through the accumulation of more than 36,000 acres as the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.
  • Vision imagined Indian Bend Wash asa recreational alternative to a concrete ditch for flood control.
  • Vision gave life to the valley’s only “downtown” Cactus League Stadium.
  • Vision negotiated a unique public-private partnership with the Scottsdale Cultural Council to support arts and culture as an amenity for residents and an attraction for tourists.
  • Vision set aside financial support for Public Art from every city capital project.
  • Vision anticipated the value of protecting the character of our iconic Old Town Scottsdale and Arts District through limitations on signage and building.
  • Vision imagined the park-like setting of a civic center plaza called Scottsdale Mall.
  • Vision of a home for horsescalled HorseWorld evolved to WestWorld which further evolved into today’s Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center.


You expect your Council will insure your tax dollars are spent wisely and pursue visions to attract businesses and visitors, always to enhance livability and the economic prosperity of citizens. I am experienced and committed to these goals and I ask for your support in the upcoming Council election. I encourage you to join my campaign and ask for your vote on August 26.