Getting Labeled

A supporter told me when she talks to her friends she labels me the “fiscally responsible candidate.” Have you ever noticed how we all acquire a lot of “labels” through life? Some labels we choose…

I remember when our first grandson was born, Diana and I talked about what we’d like this new little fellow to call us. Our daughters had called Diana’s parents “pants    & banana” and I knew I wanted no part of that!

So, I suggested they just call me…Dave!

It was short, one-syllable and wouldn’t have to be relearned when the grandkids finally learned to speak clearly (OK…I was probably just too vain to admit I was old enough to be a grandfather!) Anyway, we now have six grandsons and they all call me Dave. (They call Diana Gra’ma, but that’s another story!)

Diana, calls me “Smitters” even though neither of us have a good recollection of how or when that started. She also labels me her best friend and her best husband (though she’s only had one, so I discount the unique value of that label!) Periodically, she labels me a grump. (That’s also another story!)

Being in the political limelight introduces a great number more labels…some more endearing than others. As Scottsdale’s first independent City Treasurer, I felt deeply honored when a Councilmember addressed me as the “Esteemed” City Treasurer until I realized that was an adjective he added to almost everyone’s proper title. Others, less fond of the Treasurer’s independence, labeled me a mischief-maker.

family2But the labels I’ve acquired since deciding to run for office have been the real surprise!

The other day, I found out some folks have labeled me a TEA party candidate. I have nothing against TEA party members, although, as far as I know, I’m not their candidate. And I’ve been labeled Libertarian (is that still a party or just a belief?) I saw where someone else disparagingly labeled me as one who operated “…outside of the City Charter and against city codes.” I’m still trying to figure that one out, but I guess that labels me a Code Buster.

For some, I’m not conservative enough; for others I’m not liberal enough. Truth is, there’s not a lot of room for political ideologue when it comes to local governance. It’s all about working with fellow citizens to do what’s right for the city we all call home; maintaining and improving the front yard of our properties – the entire city of Scottsdale.

Insuring the fiscal sustainability of our community is not a goal that has political sides to it. Neither does promoting the livability or safety of our community. I urge every voter to ignore the rumors and labels; take time to understand where each candidate stands on issues of importance. For candidates who have a public record of representing citizens on local government issues, as some of us do, look at our record.

I am willing to be judged on my record as your City Treasurer and proud to wear the label as the most fiscally responsible candidate. I ask for your vote and your support in the upcoming Council elections.