Hall of Fame

Dear Friends…


If you love Scottsdale, there’s someone you should thank.

In fact, there are several individuals and organizations who have collectively made Scottsdale the special place it is today.  Many of them were together this past Thursday evening for the 25th Scottsdale’s History Hall of Fame celebration dinner.


Starting in 1993, the Past Presidents’ Council of the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce began honoring people and organizations for their outstanding contributions that made Scottsdale one of the “best cities to live” in the Nation.


Individual inductees represent those who have contributed immeasurably to the arts, education, social services and civic character of Scottsdale.  Many of the earlier names are synonymous with the heritage of Scottsdale: Senator Carolyn Allen, Mayor Herb Drinkwater, Frank Lloyd Wright and “Doc” Cavalliere among them.  Current honorees continue to give their time and talents to improve Scottsdale – long after receiving their award.


Organizations are also honored for their contribution to our culture and heritage.  They include the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy; Boys and Girls Clubs of Scottsdale; HonorHealth; Scottsdale Active 20/30 Club; Scottsdale Leadership; and many others.  Unlike individuals, whose years of contribution may be limited, these organizations continue to define the character of our community.


The 2018 individual honorees (Don Carson, Richard Hayslip and Randy Nussbaum) and honored organizations (The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust and the San Francisco Giants) were selected for the significant contributions each has made to Scottsdale’s growth, development and success.  This year, a special award was also given to Mr. Don Ruff who, along with Dr. Art DeCabooter and other community leaders at the time, exhibited the leadership and vision to create Scottsdale’s History Hall of Fame twenty-five years ago.


The annual awards banquet has always been sponsored by the Scottsdale Charros (themselves an inductee) and provides funds for an annual contribution to the Scottsdale Historical Society (also in our Hall of Fame.)  After 25 years, the roster of outstanding inductees into the Scottsdale’s History Hall of Fame totals 135 individuals and 25 organizations.


The Scottsdale Hall of Fame individuals and organizations should make us proud.  They have not been community nay-sayers; their combined positive “can-do” attitudes created the unique heritage that we enjoy today.  With humility, I thank them for their service: with determination, I accept responsibility to build on their good deeds and perpetuate the magical legacy of Scottsdale.