One Candidate Stands Out

One Candidate Stands Out


Scottsdale Republic, October 18, 2014


Tired of the “political street signs” littering Scottsdale’s streetscape? So is Scottsdale City Council candidate David Smith. He’s running without street signs. That’s the first sign that a City Council candidate will put the public interest ahead of his political interests.


Tired of “dark money” political campaigns, by which the identities of special-interest financial contributors are hidden from the voters? So is David Smith. He reported the source of every dollar spent by anyone on his campaign.


David Smith holds a master’s degree in finance and CPA certificate. He served as chief financial officer of two Fortune 500 companies and as the Scottsdale city treasurer. Who better to oversee Scottsdale’s finances? The longtime resident knows that financial sustainability and quality of life are the overriding criteria in every council decision.


He has the personal endorsement of 16 previous Scottsdale City Council members. Please give David Smith one of your three votes in the upcoming Scottsdale City Council election. I plant to the same. Thank you.


Ron McCullagh, Scottsdale.