Councilman Smith speaks candidly and thoughtfully on topics of interest to voters.

The video clips below have been extracted from Scottsdale City Council meetings, televised and archived for public information.

“A Defining Time” 1:33

“Credentials” 1:30

“My Record” 1:31

“Not Anymore” 1:35

A bar license application should be in the public interest

Converting commercial property to residential may not always be the smart thing to do.

Flood control projects may enhance property values

Scottsdale’s sales tax on art should be eliminated

Using the food tax to improve Visa del Camino is wrong.

Property Tax Relief is a bonanza for businesses, out-of-state investors and the wealthy.

Putting a concrete path in the preserve

Converting commercial to residential may not be wise in the long-run

Iconic Events in Scottsdale!

Renting the Sidewalk to a Bar

Bailing Out WestWorld…Again!

How does this help Scottsdale Citizens?

David Speaks Out Against the Sale of Scottsdale’s Heritage

David Advises Against an Apartment Project in the Airpark

David Talks About the WestWorld Project Overruns